A History of Values Driven Service

Autumn Transport sets the benchmark in the bulk commodities industry, guided by our core values that shape our approach to driver partnerships. This commitment translates into delivering the exceptional service our valued customers rightfully expect.

The Autumn Transport Story

Starting with an old-school thirteen hole Timpte grain hopper and a vision for the future Autumn Transport was founded in April 1980 in Lake Elmo, Minnesota by Lowell and Beverly Rieks.

1981: Dispatch Department

With the steady growth of our trailer fleet, the founding principles that ignited our company created a need for the establishment of a full-time dispatch department.

1984: Tanker Division

After experiencing rapid growth in our Hopper fleet, a significant milestone was reached when we introduced a tanker division, instantly doubling the size of our company. This strategic expansion not only increased our capacity but also empowered us to provide superior service to our clients through the transportation of agricultural liquids.

1993: End Dump Division

A decade of successful operations opened doors to further expansion as we ventured into the End Dump world, adding nearly 20 trailers to our growing fleet. This period of growth presented us with ample opportunities to expand our services and enhance our capabilities.

1995: Pneumatics Division

Responding to persistent customer demand, Autumn took a bold leap forward by introducing the Pneumatic division. Today, this division stands as our fastest-growing fleet, boasting an impressive count of 70 trailers and continuing to expand steadily.
A historical photo of the company founders, Lowell and Beverly Rieks.

Meet our team

Our company is proud to be maintained and managed by an incredible group of individuals who are not only friendly and fun, but also highly knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Our office team is a collaborative force, combining years of experience from various sectors of the trucking industry. With expertise in administration, dispatching, logistics, etc, our team brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry to ensure top-notch service for our clients.


Bev Rieks
Founder & Vice President
Julie Andrich
President & CEO
Tim Martin
Chief Financial Officer
Josh Wahlin
General Manager
Mark Tiedman
Senior Recruiter
Jenna Slipka
Recruiting and Marketing
Chris Hendrix
Business Strategist
Chris Senty
Director of Safety

Fleet Managers

Brenton Balvin
Liquid Tanks Division Manager
Gideon Bolson
Pneumatic Tanks Division Manager
Jake Uggerud
Hopper & End Dumps Division Manager

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